Our Name Says It All


We are a interpretation firm that offers the services of Translation out of Ontario Canada. We offer our services though through out the United States. It is safe to say that we can do translation for almost any languages. Our firm specialize in over 33 different languages including these languages.

  1. French
  2. Greek
  3. Burmese
  4. Filipino
  5. Croatian
  6. Italian
  7. Japanese
  8. Ukrainian
  9. Polish
  10. Czech

Our Translation/Interpreting Services are not only great but also affordable too. We will work with you and your clients to get the service that you expect. We travel around the world for any of your meetings but also we do telephone service if that is what you need. So look no further than diemlanguages for your translation needs. We have worked with companies such as HP and Amazon for their needs why not yours?


If you need to communicate with your clients worldwide or need to talk with your workforce internally. Now if you do not have time to wait we can telebridge teleconferencing with you and your client as soon as a 45min notice to our office staff. Our are cloud-based delivery model is a service that we just started to offer our clients save time and money and preserve the quality that they have come to expect from our customer service.

With our pay as you go program you can also keep your cost down by keeping track of your expense with us. Our competitive rates and our close partnerships will help you with your innovative solutions for your day to day needs.

Need Help With The Medicaid Program


If you are a medical business that needs a Interpreter or Translator for your business let us know. It can be done via phone with video chat or if you need somebody there live that can be done also. Our rates run at 30 every 15 minutes for video chat and at 150 an hour for a live person at a location. If somebody is needed at a location for multiple days that can be done at a discount. To find out more about the costs please email us and one of the staff will send you the documentation that you are inquiring about.


Email us today at: help@diemlanguages.com


Once we get the email from you we will contact you within 15 min during business hours. If outside business hours it will be within 45 min.


Once again thank you and hope to be doing business with you soon.


The staff at diemlanguages